Ingrown Toe Nail Surgery

Ingrown Toe Nail Surgery This one of the most common clinical presentations we would see at the clinic. The condition can be painful, bleeding and infected. Antibiotics can be necessary. An in clinic procedure to remove the ingrown toe nail under a local anaesthetic can be performed by all our highly skilled Podiatrists. We estimate […]

Fungal Nails New Treatment

Fungal nails are a common condition that can cause discolouration, embarrassment, pain and skin infection. Tinea that commonly occurs on the skin of the feet and between the toes can also cause these unsightly nail infections.

We are proud to introduce a new and proven technology to our clinic which has been used in the United Kingdom for some years with great success. The technique involves drilling many holes in the nail approximately 0.4 mm deep so that an appropriate anti fungal can be applied to the nail and actually penetrate to the nail bed where the fungus thrives. Client often persist with application of anti fungal without success owing to this fact.

The specially designed computer controlled drill ensure we can penetrate the nail without penetrating your toe. No pain no bleeding.

Call now for an appointment to have your nails assessed.

03 9974 3808

Christmas Hours

A big thank you from the Team at Werribee Foot Clinic during this difficult year. We thank you for your understanding and restrictions of practice that were required during 2020. The clinic is completely back to normal hours and we can accept all clients with any foot condition. Covid 19 social distancing is still observed in the clinic and contact tracing and mask wearing shall continue until the Victorian Health Department advises otherwise.

Closure : Last day of clinic for the year shall be Wednesday 23rd December at 1.00pm

Reopen : Wednesday 6th January 2021 at 8.00am

During the period of closure reception will be unavailable however a voice message can be left and we shall contact you on Wednesday 6th January.

On line booking service will be available 24 hours per day and can be found at

We wish you and your family all the very best and look forward to seeing you all in 2021. I hope you enjoy this photo of Mt Feathertop in the distant when we took a hike  over the razor back once restrictions eased. A real highlight of the year.

The Team

Werribee Foot Clinic

Covid Stage 4 Restrictions for Podiatry

Stage 4 presents new limits on our practice however Werribee Foot Clinic is adapting to these changes.

We are still taking bookings and all staff are taking the recommended precautions. We have updated and implemented our Covid 19 Safe Plan as of Thursday 6th August 2020 to comply with Victorian DHHS.

Changes you may notice when booking please consider.

  1. Can your appointment be completed via Telehealth?                                                                                                  Yes  – Book Telehealth with reception or on line.                                                                                                            No –  Ask yourself the following questions:
  2. Have I had contact with a potential or known Covid patient or visited a Covid hot spot in the last 30 days?
  3.  Do I have any of the following symptoms:                                                                                                                       Cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose or loss of smell or taste?
  4. Do I have a fever?

If yes to 2-4 above then Telehealth must be booked.

If no to 2-4 then please phone reception on 03 9974 3808 or go to on online appointment

We remind you to wear a mask when attending the clinic, report to reception for processing which will include taking your temperature, a repeat of the questions above and logging of your details on our Sign In sheet so in the event the DHHS requires information from our clinic to track attendance this is immediately available.

We remind you to take care and please follow these guidelines when attending the clinic.

Telehealth@Werribee Foot Clinic

Telehealth has arrived at Werribee Foot Clinic. To make an appointment for Telehealth just go to the book an appointment tab on the top of our home page click the tab then scroll down until you find Telehealth and select the appointment type you need. If you would prefer just ring our clinic (03) 9974 3808 and we shall make the appointment for you.

Medicare have created a bulk bill rebate for Telephone call consultation or Video call consultations. You must have a current CDM(Chronic Disease Management Program) or EPC referral from your GP to be eligible for this rebate.

Private clients maybe able to access a rebate through eligible private health funds. Best for you to check with your health fund as some Private Health Funds have approved Telehealth for Podiatry.Payment is required at time of booking through swipe.

Video Consultation – you must have chrome search engine, a device such as a smart phone, iPad, or computer with a camera and microphone.

Telephone Consultation – you just need a home phone or mobile telephone.

We have already taken Video consultations with very positive outcomes. For example managing an injury to a big toe after a back yard game of soccer with the kids went wrong.

Once you have made a booking you shall receive a confirmation email with the link which you just click on when the time comes for the appointment. You will also receive a reminder the day before the appointment via text and some trouble shooting tips. Don’t be nervous we see this as a very important part of providing Podiatry to our clients now during Covid – 19 restrictions and in the future.


Covid – 19 Infection Control Training


All staff and contractors employed by Werribee Foot Clinic have completed Infection Control Training COVID 19 provided by the Australian Department of Health. We are utilising all recommendations of personal and workplace hygiene and are monitoring the situation as it progresses. We will respond and adapt as the Australian Department of Health and the Victorian Government releases new information. The word from The Australian Podiatry Association is that Podiatry will continue in some capacity, even with higher levels of restrictions, we are preparing for this eventuality.

Thank you to all our clients for their wonderful support during these uncertain times, we wish you and your families well. If you have any concerns about your management or would like to become a new client, please feel free to speak to our reception team to discuss your needs.

Werribee Foot Clinic – ph: (03) 9974 3808