Foot Fractures

Werribee Foot Clinic stocks a full range of Cam Walkers and post operative walking shoes to accommodate most foot fractures. If we do not have and item in stock or special sizes and fittings  are required a 1-2 day delay is occasionally experienced. Please indicate your requirements at the time of making your appointment.


When serious foot injury or broken bone is not obvious, there may be a hairline fracture. Whilst hard to detect, these can be just as painful.
This is when the bone has a very small crack or bruise.

Hairline fractures are common in athletes and those with Osteoporosis.Symptoms may include swelling, tenderness and bruising.


Hairline fractures of the feet are treated the same as a broken bone. The foot may be put in a cast or protective footwear and crutches may be needed to keep weight off the foot.

Complete healing of a hairline fracture usually takes 6-8 weeks and activity will need to be reduced in this time to ensure bones heal quickly and properly.