Thickened Nails

Onychogryphosis (ram’s horn nails) is a general thickening of the nail/nails. It can often occur as a result of injury to the matrix such as dropping a brick on a toe, long term neglect (especially elongated nails), or a number of repetitive knocks such as those that occur with continuous use of poor fitting shoe wear


One of the most common causes for thickened toenails is a fungal nail infection. These often affect the nail plate and cause it to thicken and become weak and flaky.

Ill-fitting footwear can also cause the nails to thicken, in the same way that repeated stress to the feet can. Those who wear high heels or tight shoes may find that the nail on their baby toe becomes thicker and calluses form on the skin.

Repetitive trauma to the feet can also have this affect. Those who perform moderate to high level activity that involves running or being on the feet, may find their toenails will thicken and skin on their feet become callused.


Nail thickening due to fungal infection can be treated with a range of topical products or by a Doctor.

Other causes will require a change in footwear or activity.