Knee Pain

If you notice a gradual dull aching sensation in the knee with intermittent sharp pain especially with negotiating stairs, along with crepitus in the knee when you bend and straighten the knee, you may be suffering from Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS).

PFPS, which used to be known as Chondro-Malacia Patella (CMP), Anterior Knee Pain and Runners’ Knee are all very similar conditions. These conditions and symptoms can occur due to a varying degree of wear and tear (degeneration) of the cartilage behind the knee cap, also known as the patella femoral joint.


Knee pain can have a very wide variety of causes as it is such a large joint in the body.
Common issues include tendon damage, arthritis and cartilage damage, injury, illness and infection.


Depending on the cause, treatment will include medical treatment, physical therapy and in some cases surgery.

Pain could have arisen from improper walking technique, meaning the legs and hips would needs to be assessed and a rehabilitation plan created with a physical therapist. This could include orthotics and other corrective footwear.

If injury to ligaments and muscular tissue has occurred, surgery may be needed.