Diabetic Foot Care

On your first visit expect a full diabetic assessment which is normally repeated annually and is line with guidelines set down by Diabetes Australia. Your Werribee Foot Clinic Podiatrist will correspond with your Doctor and Specialist assigning your feet a risk status to developing complications


Diabetics often have less sensation in the feet, due to lack of oxygen to the extremities and nerve damage. This can cause a number of foot problems, including ulcers, bunions, corns, calluses, hammertoes and fungal infection. Most of these conditions can be treated normally if caught early.

The risk with diabetics is that the lack of circulation can cause gangrene which requires amputation to prevent infection spreading.


Diabetics must be especially careful to monitor and care for their feet to ensure any issues are detected as early as possible.

Regular checkups with a podiatrist are recommended to ensure no serious issues arise. Footwear should also be worn whenever possible, even at home, to prevent foot injury that may otherwise go unnoticed due to low sensation in feet.