Podiatrists are specifically trained to assess the foot during all movement, whether it is standing for hours at work, running for the train or training for that personal goal. If you or your child has foot or ankle pain, flat feet, knee or hip pain while running, walking or just growing then orthotics may be able to help. Werribee Foot Clinic Podiatrists will assess your gait using state of the art video gait analysis and best evidence based practice to help determine whether an orthotic is appropriate for you or your Childs needs. If an orthotic is required your Podiatrist will discuss with you which style is appropriate for your needs. We catergorise Orthotics in to three groups: Custom, Customised and Over the counter.

Foot orthoses can be categorised into two groups — Custom ,Non Custom and over the counter (OTC). Without doubt Custom Foot Orthoses offer the best opportunity to for Optimum fit, symptom management and flexibility of shaping and material.

Non Custom orthoses are selected from a standard suite of sizing’s and sometimes modified to patient needs, much like a “suit off the rack”” approach and over the counter devices offer a more limited array of sizing’s and variation. They are considerably cheaper, but limit the opportunity of an acceptable treatment outcome.

At Werribee Foot Clinic we are cognisant of the balance of treatment outcome sand cost and our sensible billing schedule reflects that.For all patients 18 years and under where foot orthoses are required, we will absorb the cost difference between Custom and Non Custom orthoses and provide only Custom Orthoses but at a Non Custom rate. Your child receives fully customized Orthoses, and best quality car. Out of pocket expenses are minimized, particularly those with ancillary Health Insurance.

Custom Orthotic

A Laser scan using the Delcam iQube is required to take a 3D model of your feet to completely manufacture the orthotic for your feet. Materials – semi rigid, semi flexible, flexible. Podiatrists are the only profession to study for four years to provide this type. The iQube can be used in a non weight bearing or weight bearing position depending on what type of orthotic is required.