Corns & Calluses

A callous is an area of thickened hard skin, which is formed in response to excessive pressure applied to the area. When a callous develops it can be due to our foot posture, tight fitting footwear, or some people are more prone to developing calluses.


Corns and Calluses may look similar but have a few important differences.
Calluses are a thick, rough area of skin, usually found on the soles of the feet, that form to protect the skin from regular friction or pressure.

Corns tend to be smaller and found on parts of the foot that don’t typically bear weight. They have a hardened centre that can cause pain when pressure is applied. Corns should be treated by a Dr and not removed at home.

If corns or calluses become inflamed or painful, seek medical advice. These can become infected and cause bigger issues.


A podiatrist can help work out what is causing these issues and implement measures to prevent them in future. This may include assessing footwear to ensure a proper fit, use of orthotics and supportive footwear and assessing posture and walking technique.