Cam Walkers

A CAM walker or Controlled Ankle Movement walker, often dubbed a ‘moon boot,’ is a type of protective footwear that helps the foot and leg sustain weight after injury. This means you will be able to walk, usually without the use of crutches, after injury or surgery, while your foot heals.

These can also be worn after surgery to stabilise and relieve pressure on tendons.

A CAM walker will be fitted to your foot by a podiatrist and usually will need to be worn for 4-6 weeks, depending on the type of injury you are recovering from.

How Do We Use Them?

The Werribee Foot Clinic will commonly issue Cam Walkers for  fractures of the foot and to off load tendons that are not healing. Our Podiatrist will expertly fit and if necessary customise the boot to your foot. Instructions will be given on how to adapt  to wearing which normally take 3-4 days. Occasionally the boot will be worn in conjunction with crutches.

When are you required to wear them?

The time you are required to wear your Cam Walker will be determined by the type of injury you have or the type of surgery that has been performed.

Werribee Foot Clinic stock all sizes and can accommodate special requests beyond this range within 24 – 48 hours.

When booking for a fitting please indicate your shoe size.