Onyfix Toe Nail Bracing

What is Onyfix?

Our Podiatrists at Werribee Foot Clinic have all completed their Onyfix nail correction training. The system is a completely painless treatment of almost all forms of involuted and ingrown toenails. Our Podiatrist’s Philip Spark and Michael Randles can apply the treatment during your appointment and the whole process is pain-free. This can be an effective alternative to toenail surgery. The procedure has been performed successfully in Germany for 3 years and now Werribee Foot Clinic is bringing Onyfix to Wyndham. 

An initial assessment appointment will be required to assess your suitability for Onyfix. Photos and measurements will be taken at this appointment and your podiatrist will advise you of the procedure and costs involved.


How does it work?

Our Podiatrist will adhere the Onyfix resin to the base of your toenail which will then be cured to the nail using an LED blue light lamp. Once the product has adhered to the nail it gently lifts the edges of the nail, making the edges flatten out and decrease the curvature of the nail. This will then stay in place until the nail has grown out (this can take up to 12 months depending on the growth rate of the nail). There are no restrictions to your activities post treatment, you can swim, exercise and wear your usual footwear without any risk of damage to the product or decrease its effectiveness.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

The Onyfix system is a less invasive and painless alternative to toe nail surgery. It may not be suitable in all cases but our Podiatrist will assess your suitability and advise accordingly as to whether the Onyfix product will be effective in your situation.

Please call the clinic to make an appointment for an Onyfix assessment. 

Phone No 03 9974 3808 or click on the link at the top of the page to make an appointment.