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Werribee Foot Clinic becomes NDIS provider

We are a Proud Supporter of The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Werribee Foot Clinic is pleased to announce that we are a registered provider of Podiatry and foot care services to participants registered with the NDIS that may need Podiatry support. We have over 30 years experience treating all areas related to Podiatry care […]

Custom Orthosis for Children

Werribee Foot Clinic has prescribed and fitted over 10,000 pairs of Custom orthotics to the Wyndham Community. We conduct a full gait analysis and iQube laser scan of both feet to produce a pair of custom orthotics. It is our experience that custom orthotics fit the foot more accurately, see improved treatment outcomes and fit […]

Considering Ingrown Toe Nail Surgery?

If you have been advised or are thinking you may need toe nail surgery then ask the questions to your Podiatrist. How many of these procedures have you done? Is the procedure successful? Is it painful? Do I need time off work? The senior Podiatrists at Werribee Foot Clinic are extremely experienced and have performed […]

Heel Pain Tuesday 24th November

Heel Pain is one of the most common conditions treated at Werribee Foot Clinic. Our top five tips for the treatment of heel pain are – 1. Icing – daily icing for 10-15 minutes at the end of the day. 2. Stretching/Strengthening – calf stretching with a bent and straight knee for 20 seconds repeated […]

Patellofemoral pain, Adolescents and Footwear

I have just read a great article in Asics Medical which discusses the role of footwear, orthosis and strength and conditioning to treat patellofemoral pain in adolescence. This is pain around the knee cap. Essentially it states footwear and orthotic prescription should be based on an individuals biomechanics and foot posture. Consider consulting with our […]

Mountain Bike Orthotics

While we have been using Solestar custom orthosis for all cycling shoes for the past three years we have now introduced a Mountain Bike specific range of orthotics that offer the control of a custom orthotic with the cushion that is required for mountain biking. We stock a full range of sizes. Check out www.solestar.com […]

Dual Density Orthotics Tuesday

In conjunction with our Orthotic Laboratory we are very excited to be using a new blend of soft orthotic materials that add comfort, extend the life of the orthotic and reduce bulk so it can be fitted in to more shoes. Advantages Soft orthotic Extend life of your orthotic Reduced bulk Please contact the clinic […]

Dry Needling Tuesday

Dry needling has been available at our clinic for some time. Lynette Kent, Ashley Wevling and Philip Spark have now completed their advanced course in Dry Needling of the foot and leg for such problems as Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel pain Mortons neuroma and inter metatarsal bursitis. Dry needling has some parallels with acupuncture […]

Returning to Running or Walking?

Thinking of starting a running or walking program? It would be well worth having your feet and shoes assessed by our Podiatirst Matthew Fieldsend. Matthew had 7 years experience in the Athletic Foot wear industry before studying Podiatry. His exposure to elite running coaching, participation in triathalons and VFL football gives him the insite and […]